I Love You ASL Hand Metal Wall Sculpture WS1210

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I Love You ASL Hand Metal Wall Sculpture. Unique metal wall decoration.

 "I Love You" ASL Hand Metal Wall Sculpture.

A unique metal wall art piece that makes a beautiful wall decoration for living room, bedroom, or any other favorite space in the home or outdoors. The wall sculpture is cut and carefully formed from steel according to an original design, then finished with a natural, rustic patina. The organic finish will vary from piece to piece and is protected with a clear sealant to ensure many years as a decorative treasure. 

The "I Love You" ASL Hand metal wall sculpture measures 16"W x 13"H and has a depth of 1.5". Hang the sculpture from a nail or screw at any point on the ring.  It projects 1.5" from your wall, adding depth and interest.

This piece of art is 100% made in the USA by American artisans.